Sunday, March 27, 2011


Here are a few undergarments I've made for my historic costumes

Laughing Moon Bustles and Hoops pattern:

 Truly Victorian #208, plain with ruffles for a petticoat

 Laughing Moon Bustles and Hoops pattern:

 1830's corded petticoat, no pattern -just help from internet friends

Regency bodiced petticoat, altered the Butterick 6630

Half stays and chemise from the Simplicity 4052 Regency undergarments pattern:

Butterick B4254 This was a first try, so be kind!!  I KNOW it's laced wrong. (Panniers commissioned via Ebay, but it's been so long I forget who made them).

Late 18th c. rump pad, Wingeo #216 (worn with 18th. polonaise)

 TV 170, view 1 bustle petticoat  Ugh, what an awful photo.  Sorry!

I've also made an early steel bustle with attached petticoat (TV 108) and a late steel bustle with attached petticoat (TV 101), but I don't have photos of them.

You'll also note a sad lack of corsets.  I'm currently taking a pattern drafting class and am making my first corset now.


  1. Without sounding "stalky", I love your rump pad. :D I really want to make one.

  2. I love all your clothes, im a student in tailoring and patternmaking and im starting to sew clothes like this on my free time, It's both exciting and hard to do :) Thumbs up for you!

  3. This is so AWESOME! Great work!

  4. Love them all!!! I will be asking your advice when I get around to hip panniers!

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