Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chemise a la reine

Koshka the Cat got a bunch of us all hot and bothered to make a late 18th c. chemise a la reine.  It is a gown made popular by Marie Antoinette as an alternative to the constrictive, formal court gowns required by ladies of her status.  Though it was considered shocking at the time - it seemed as though the queen was compromising her dignity as Queen of France by appearing in her undergarments (chemise), it quickly caught on, as evidenced by portraits of the day.

Marie Antoinette
 Princess Louise Augusta

 Lady Elizabeth Foster

And now here's my version.  I used the Wingeo pattern, which I admit I didn't love.  There were actual pieces missing from the pattern and the sleeve wasn't right (wayyyyyyy too big) :(  Thanks to Koshka's advice, I got it finished.

And here I am with Koshka, without whom this gown would not exist.

And here are the undergarments to go with:
Chemise and short stays (though I should wear regular, long stays with this)

Then the cotton petticoat

 I also made a small bum pad to keep the back of the dress from collapsing above my rear


  1. A chemise ala reine is on my wish list someday. Good point about the bum pad,

  2. This outfit is so dreamy! I love it!