Monday, June 16, 2014

Victorian Party/10-Year Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal Dress

Over the weekend I had a Victorian Party.  Since it coincided with our 10 year wedding anniversary, we thought it was a great time to renew our vows!  I needed a pretty epic dress, and I found the perfect inspiration fashion plate...dress on the right

But first I needed a new petticoat!  I used Truly Victorian 170, view 1

On to the dress!  I found a lovely white cotton organdy and a pretty lavender cotton at Jomar.  I already had tons of embroidered eyelet trim I'd gotten at Jomar a while ago, so I was ready to start!  The bodice is a combination of the following Truly Victorian patterns: 400 and 403 with a touch of drafting (Frankenpatterning at it's best!), the overskirt is a combo of TV 305 and a bit of drafting (and cursing) to make the shirred side panels, and the underskirt is plain old TV 201.

Since it was a Victorian wedding theme, I wanted some classic waxed orange blossoms like I see in vintage photos.  Etsy to the rescue!  I found a 3-piece set and pinned one piece to my bodice and another to my hair.  I was going to pin the 3rd piece somewhere, but it felt complete so I left it off.

I got the super long flowing veil from China on Ebay, and it came with a free purple terry cloth SARS mask.  LOL!!  SO random, right?  I threw that out and just wore the veil.  Hope I made the right choice.


Custom cake by the local supermarket curtesy of Judy and her family connections!  I couldn't find anyone who would make a small round wedding cake, so she really saved the day.  Topper by

All party photos by

Here are all the photos so far...some by me and some taken from guests: