Friday, April 20, 2012

Titanic Boarding Suit and Accessories

Honoring the Titanic was not finished with the Epic Titanic Dinner I posted about earlier.  No!  I met up with some friends at a local theatre to see Titanic 3D in costume.  

About a year ago I commissioned the Boarding Suit from Fan + Friend.  Came out great!  But I needed the accessories that always make the difference between so-so and great costuming.  I needed The Hat, The Shirt/Collar, The Tie, The Purse, The Gloves, and The Jewelry.

Here is how the hat started out:

Here is the finished hat:

Then, after a lesson from my friend Robin, I removed the modern collar from a white button down shirt and made my own Edwardian collar with cotton lace edging like in the movie:

Then I made a reticule (pattern from the Folkwear Poiret Cocoon Coat) and bought vintage leather gloves from Ebay:

I didn't carry a parasol because it was night and this was an indoor event.

Here I am waving

  • White louis heeled boots from
  • Jewelry custom made with blue crystals from Karen's Romance on Etsy

Action!! Wearing our 3D glasses.

It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing the film in 3D!

Epic Titanic Dinner

It's been a while, but I have been sewing a bit, I promise.  I attended the kind of event I've dreamed of for a long time: an elegant, first class Titanic Dinner in honor of all who lost their lives on the ship 100 years ago.  

I made the Jump Dress from the movie a few years ago, so my gown was all set!  However, after dinner we were asked to change into "aesthetic or lounging attire" for a swanky absinthe after party.  Yes, please! What to make??  After changing my mind 3 times, I decided to make the Folkwear Poiret Cocoon Coat.  Fabrics are black burnout velvet and gold crepe back satin (alas, all poly!).  Underneath I wore a black swiss dotted lace empire sheath dress I got from Forever 21 a few weeks ago.

So here I am:

Photo by Somewhere In Time Photography:

Photo by: K C-G

Photo by: me!

Under all that I wore a 1912 era corset I made myself!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

18th c. francaise

I put together an 18th c. dinner party at the William Penn Inn with a group of fabulous ladies!  For the occasion, I finally made the black francaise gown of my dreams.  Made of cotton brocade in a black on black design from Simplicity 3637 with no changes apart from the trimming.  This pattern goes together very nicely.

So here's the inspiration

Here's the fabric (complete with Sewing Cat)

and here's the gown

Here I am at the dinner. I am posing with the other lady who wore a black francaise

and here's everyone!