Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1920s Robe de Style

Laughing Moon patterns came out with a robe de style, and I was SO excited to try it out!  I made a bodiced hoop petti to go under the gown (pattern and instructions included) so I can wear it with others in the future.

So I decided to use Stash fabric for this project.  I had some pretty medium weight silver satin and some dark grey embellished net.

I thought serging the net would be a great way to hem it, and it was until I got to the curved armholes...

Why in tarnations does THAT happen??  I went over it again and again with the same results, but only on a curve.  Oh well, I ended up whip stitching the serge-chain to the net where it didn't catch.

That was pretty much the only hiccup!  Pattern went together like a charm even if I did make it a size too big.  Opps.

I also wanted a hat... a summery lace covered wire style.  I saw many in museum archives and decided to give it a go after beefing up on what to do over at Gina's blog

 I added more wire after I took that photo because even though I covered it with a plain net base before I aded the lace, the fabric drooped through the openings too much.

                                                              There, that's better!

 Here you can see the oval brim shape... wider on the sides and front and narrow at the back.

Even though I was wearing a sleeveless sundress with a hoop keeping the fabric away from my legs, people asked me, "Are you hot in that?"  

Judy found us the sunglasses over at Urban Outfitters last year, and they are no longer available. However, they frequently have great vintage-looking styles, so keep an eye out!

1890s Seaside Dress

This year the theme for my annual Victorian Party was "Seaside".  I told people to be inspired by movies set on boats or beaches, Victorian and Edwardian beach resort postcards, etc.  I was inspired by this fashion plate, which you can find here: https://www.pinterest.com/victoriankat/seaside-yachting-beach-dresses/

I used the Simplicity 4156 and just modified the collar.  The blue stripes on the sleeves felt to "beach ball" for me, so I left those off.

Lesson learned:  I should have cut the skirt and bodice polka dot trim to shape instead of cutting bias strips. Getting the bias strips to go around the curves was super time consuming

But eventually I was done and I loved the way it looked!

I used a white fabric paint pen to add white polka dots to the skirt trim where they went missing in the join after this photo was taken.

I had a REALLY good time!

Friday, March 25, 2016

PBS Teen's era dress

I'm a docent at a local museum, and the local PBS station asked us to host a Downton Abbey styled evening for some of their top supporters.  I made a new dress for this.  Here's my inspiration

My dress:

antique jet buckle from Ebay

I used three patterns:
1)Simplicity 1517 for the underbodice, underskirt and purple sequin net crossed overskirt.  
2)Then I used Simplicity 9699 for the black top-most overskirt, 
3)and Laughing Moon #104 for the black net dolman sleeve overbodice.

Game of Thrones party

Judy and her friend Sarah threw a fantastic Game of Thrones party at Stokesay Castle in Pa.  So fun!

 I made a wrap front gown with long hanging sleeves.  Inspired by a few dresses from the show, and a little "Lwaxana Troi" the extravagantly dressed and over bearing yet lovable mother of Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, who was always wearing some outrageously shiny purple dress.

So here I am!

I also made J an outfit that he also wore to the Ren Faire.  I made the shirt, sleeveless jacket, and hat

Regency Weekend outfits

In October I attended a private Regency "couples" Weekend in Baltimore.  I had long wanted to make the Queen Louise of Prussia spencer, so I did that paired with a bib front day dress out of Swiss dot, and a cranberry velvet bonnet and matching reticule.

(worn again to a Regency tea later in the Fall)

Some have said that Swiss dot fabric wasn't used for dresses in the Regency era, but I don't know... these look Swiss dot-ish to me:

I also made a court dress and train.  Dress is a lovely pre-embellished bridal fabric:

 Hem of fabric was scalloped, embroidered and beaded.  That was lucky!!

My husband had nothing to wear, so I made him a shirt, vest, and wool tailcoat

Pants from Gentleman's Emporium and boots from Shoebuy.com

Blue stripe Regency ballgown

In August of 2015 I attended a Regency ball at Gadsby's Tavern in Alexandria, Va.

I had always wanted to do a dress inspired by the striped dress worn by Mrs. Hurst in the '95 Pride and Prejudice, and I found this blue/silver/black stripe that seemed appropriately dark for mourning, yet in line with the dress I wanted.

(photo from Cosprop exhibit)

I wore my Queen Maud replica tiara (Ebay), my pearl swag necklace from Inthelongrun, and white lace mitts from Last Kiss

Regency mourning dress

As I mentioned, my dad passed away last summer, so when I threw my annual Victorian party (broad costume range of 1800-1918), I made a quick black shadow stripe Regency day dress using the Laughing Moon wrap front pattern #130.  Went together like a dream, which was good because I didn't feel much like sewing.

That's my Fail Cake.  It fell apart, so we put it in a bowl and scooped out portions.  Still tasted great :)

Bonnet from The Bohemian Belle

Early Edwardian Racing Dress

Sorry for the long absence.  My father passed away soon after I made this dress, and then my terminally ill mother moved in with us, so I haven't sewn as much.

Last May, Judy and I attended the Winterthur (Delaware) Point-to-Point races!  We decided to go in costume.  She wore her fabulous new 1920s ensemble and I wore my new 1900s dress with an antique hat.  My dress was a black and white stripe with a black lace overlay, and the collar and sleeves are a sheer cream net over a cotton organza lining.

It was loads of fun!  Picnicking on the vast lawn was great.  Everyone had food and champagne, and people walked around with bottles of champagne sharing with their neighbors.  There was a vintage car show, a vintage carriage parade, and tons of shopping, too.  This year it takes place on Mother's Day, so I can't go, but I hope to go again in the future!

Here's the pattern I used, Butterick 5970 :

Here are some inspiration dresses (https://www.pinterest.com/victoriankat/1900-1908/)

  I even found an original Edwardian dress pattern that is likely the inspiration for this pattern!

Notes about the pattern:  The neck-hole (neckscye??) and collar should be close fitting to my neck, but it's not.  Next time, I'll adjust that.  Also, the forearm sleeve section was WAY too big...should also be close fitting and it was baggy, so I took that in with tucks when I realized it.  Other than that, I was really happy with this pattern!