Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1890s Sporting bloomers

For SalonCon 2008 (a convention for neo-Victorians that has since more or less morphed into the Steampunk World's Fair), I decided to make a sporting outfit for a bird watcher/naturalist character.  Using the Laughing Moon sporting costume, I made the bloomers (view B) out of the same pinstriped fabric as the 1890s suit so that I could use the same jacket for both.  I made a new vest panel out of black velvet and brass mesh.

I also made wool felt gaiters (knee length spats) with hand sewn soutache

The final touch was a brass mesh top hat lined in black velvet and trimmed with brass wire and faux leather hat band from a pattern by Denise Nadine Designs.


  1. I love all your costumes, so count me as having posted <3 <3 <3 on all your entries. :-)

    I thought this steampunk was so great - again, so glad I saw in person!

  2. Another of my favorite outfits of yours!! This one just makes me smile!!