Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1920s Robe de Style

Laughing Moon patterns came out with a robe de style, and I was SO excited to try it out!  I made a bodiced hoop petti to go under the gown (pattern and instructions included) so I can wear it with others in the future.

So I decided to use Stash fabric for this project.  I had some pretty medium weight silver satin and some dark grey embellished net.

I thought serging the net would be a great way to hem it, and it was until I got to the curved armholes...

Why in tarnations does THAT happen??  I went over it again and again with the same results, but only on a curve.  Oh well, I ended up whip stitching the serge-chain to the net where it didn't catch.

That was pretty much the only hiccup!  Pattern went together like a charm even if I did make it a size too big.  Opps.

I also wanted a hat... a summery lace covered wire style.  I saw many in museum archives and decided to give it a go after beefing up on what to do over at Gina's blog

 I added more wire after I took that photo because even though I covered it with a plain net base before I aded the lace, the fabric drooped through the openings too much.

                                                              There, that's better!

 Here you can see the oval brim shape... wider on the sides and front and narrow at the back.

Even though I was wearing a sleeveless sundress with a hoop keeping the fabric away from my legs, people asked me, "Are you hot in that?"  

Judy found us the sunglasses over at Urban Outfitters last year, and they are no longer available. However, they frequently have great vintage-looking styles, so keep an eye out!

1890s Seaside Dress

This year the theme for my annual Victorian Party was "Seaside".  I told people to be inspired by movies set on boats or beaches, Victorian and Edwardian beach resort postcards, etc.  I was inspired by this fashion plate, which you can find here: https://www.pinterest.com/victoriankat/seaside-yachting-beach-dresses/

I used the Simplicity 4156 and just modified the collar.  The blue stripes on the sleeves felt to "beach ball" for me, so I left those off.

Lesson learned:  I should have cut the skirt and bodice polka dot trim to shape instead of cutting bias strips. Getting the bias strips to go around the curves was super time consuming

But eventually I was done and I loved the way it looked!

I used a white fabric paint pen to add white polka dots to the skirt trim where they went missing in the join after this photo was taken.

I had a REALLY good time!