Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lost Souls dress

This is a dress based on an 1874 Harper's Bazar fashion plate.  The original showed a black dress, and I was in love!

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Photo by Candid Moments:


  1. Ok, another favorite. This one is so very elegant. You look like a high society lady from Boston who comes from ooooollld money (not nuveau riche) You know, the kind that has been in the family for centuries. Your elegantly aristocratic bearing does not come from going to a boarding school as a girl; but rather is in the very fiber of your being. This kind of elegance cannot be taught. A true and gracious lady. One who is comfortable in the finest drawing rooms of New England or dancing her heart out with her husband at the grandest of clubs.

    Ok, I'll stop now. You just look so AWESOME in this dress!!!

  2. I was looking at this fashion plate and a friend of yours sent me to your blog
    Was wondering what types of pleating did you use what are the ruffles did u use silk or cotton
    Pattern or draft your own. I went to college at philly textile