Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1890s Seaside Dress

This year the theme for my annual Victorian Party was "Seaside".  I told people to be inspired by movies set on boats or beaches, Victorian and Edwardian beach resort postcards, etc.  I was inspired by this fashion plate, which you can find here: https://www.pinterest.com/victoriankat/seaside-yachting-beach-dresses/

I used the Simplicity 4156 and just modified the collar.  The blue stripes on the sleeves felt to "beach ball" for me, so I left those off.

Lesson learned:  I should have cut the skirt and bodice polka dot trim to shape instead of cutting bias strips. Getting the bias strips to go around the curves was super time consuming

But eventually I was done and I loved the way it looked!

I used a white fabric paint pen to add white polka dots to the skirt trim where they went missing in the join after this photo was taken.

I had a REALLY good time!


  1. Beautiful dress and I love the matching hat!

    1. Thank you! This dress was SO fun to wear!

  2. What a pretty dress! Just a quick question, would you happen to know what the original (non-pinterest) source for this dress is? I'm a costuming student, and I'm actually going to make this dress in half scale for my final project this term! I've been doing lots of searching, but nothing's come up so far.

  3. I was literally going to make this in a month.. I was beat to it but I still think i'll give it a shot XD

  4. Very nice work
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