Friday, March 25, 2016

Early Edwardian Racing Dress

Sorry for the long absence.  My father passed away soon after I made this dress, and then my terminally ill mother moved in with us, so I haven't sewn as much.

Last May, Judy and I attended the Winterthur (Delaware) Point-to-Point races!  We decided to go in costume.  She wore her fabulous new 1920s ensemble and I wore my new 1900s dress with an antique hat.  My dress was a black and white stripe with a black lace overlay, and the collar and sleeves are a sheer cream net over a cotton organza lining.

It was loads of fun!  Picnicking on the vast lawn was great.  Everyone had food and champagne, and people walked around with bottles of champagne sharing with their neighbors.  There was a vintage car show, a vintage carriage parade, and tons of shopping, too.  This year it takes place on Mother's Day, so I can't go, but I hope to go again in the future!

Here's the pattern I used, Butterick 5970 :

Here are some inspiration dresses (

  I even found an original Edwardian dress pattern that is likely the inspiration for this pattern!

Notes about the pattern:  The neck-hole (neckscye??) and collar should be close fitting to my neck, but it's not.  Next time, I'll adjust that.  Also, the forearm sleeve section was WAY too big...should also be close fitting and it was baggy, so I took that in with tucks when I realized it.  Other than that, I was really happy with this pattern!


  1. This dress is lovely, so much better than the picture on the pattern. I have it and it languishes in the stash. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I find if I try to copy a fashion plate, the outfit always comes out better than if I just followed the pattern.

  2. I absolutely love your dress!!! It is beyond gorgeous and it looks so authentic, which is surprising seeing it came from a butterick pattern! You honestly look like you stepped out of a picture or Anne of Green Gables!!!