Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Met: Death Becomes Her mourning clothes and accessories exhibit

Beth and I share a birthday and Judy's was the 1st, so what better way to celebrate than with a trip to see the mourning exhibit at The Met.  Wow.  I mean WOW.  This exhibit was truly amazing! We descended into the Costume Exhibit...


Well, I now know how I want to paint my living room one of these days.  Love this!

Then we entered the exhibit room itself.  

I want to set the scene for you:  It was very dimly lit.  Not only to protect the fabrics from light exposure, but I suppose to enhance the mourning experience.  Projections of sound bites from 19th c. publications on mourning attire appeared and slowly faded away on the walls while Gabriel Faure's Requiem op. 48, played by the London Symphony Orchestra, played in the background.  The mannequins were placed on plain white platforms with floor to ceiling curtains behind with an ombre effect going from black at the top to white at the bottom.

Now go play that music while you look at my photos of the exhibit.


  1. I just spent a lovely quarter of an hour going through your photo set and listening to the Requiem. I have been quite disappointed that I'm missing that exhibit (it's a bit far from Halifax, hah) and this went a ways towards making up for it. =) And you've reminded me that I have yet to post my photos from the Bata's Fashion Victims exhibit.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and photos! I love seeing costume exhibit photos from around the world. I wish I could get to them all. I look forward to seeing your set from the Bata exhibit!