Saturday, January 17, 2015

18th c. Hunting Luncheon

I was invited to an 18th c. Hunting/Traveling themed luncheon in late October, and the hostess requested appropriate hunting/traveling attire.  I grabbed the Nehelenia Redingote pattern, some heavy teal cotton, and got to work!

Since I had, um, expanded a little since I bought the pattern, I had to alter it for a slightly larger figure, which meant I had to alter the collars, too.  I copied the front piece onto craft paper, slashed it in the center of the collar area, spread it to the desired amount, added paper there, and I had my new pattern size.  I also added a tiny amount to a few other seam allowances.  I found the sleeves to be a bit tight in the bicep area, so I added 1/2" there, too.

I also made a Gainsborough hat, a big fichu, and a huuuge cap of doom.  I made up both patterns after looking around the internet for ideas on shape and size.

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