Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Royal orders and badges

Making pendants and miniatures has enjoyed a long tradition in the crafting world.  Michaels, AC Moore, and other craft stores as well as dozens of online shops have sold the parts to make them for years, and there are countless websites and blogs dedicated to tutorials on making them.

Here are a few...









Gwen Stefani in a fabulous miniature portrait necklace

"I Am Who They Were" portrait necklace by Ashley Gilreuth

But I was particularly inspired by the project in Gina's blog "Beauty For Ashes" because I'm obsessed with royalty, Court life, and Court Presentation.  Remember the "Court Presentation" class I gave at Dress U and the court gown, feather headdress and train I made for the Dress U Court Dinner back in 2013? 

 Jessica wearing the practice feathers/veil and train I made while practicing the walk and curtsey (that many of you watched on last season's Downton Abbey!)

My Court dress inspired by that pink dress from The Met

 Well, her "Royal Family Order" recreations were RIGHT up my alley!  I'd been collecting "royal" badges for years whenever I came across them in vintage shops or even Forever 21.

Gina and I were chatting one night and she showed me a portrait pendant she'd made using supplies from her local Hobby Lobby.  I was in love, and she encouraged me to make my own, so I did!
I used these pendants from Michael's and AC Moore, a crystal jewelry connector, a friend's heat gun to remove the cabochons (Thanks, Steve!), some quality ribbon from Dames a la Mode and The Ribbon Store and I got crafting!

(not pictured in supplies, crystal crown pendant I glued to the top of the Alexandra order)


  1. Your creations are extraordinary! Really love the ribbon! Thank you for sharing everything!

  2. I LOVE how your orders came out! You rock my friend! I can't wait to put my Alexandra order together! Thank you so much again!