Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kat Does the 1860s

Remember how I said "never say never"?  Yeah, I used to say I'd never do 1860s...until I met a group of ladies who love 1860s and wanted to go to Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  A whole new era means weeks of research to see what fabrics to use and how gowns were shaped and constructed.  Whew!

I had to start with the undies.  I bought a hoop online because it was cheaper than making it...shhh!

I made flannel drawers using Simplicity 2890.  Went together very easily!

The chemise is the Simplicity 9769.  Let's just say I found the sleeves and gusset VERY challenging.  I need to take good care of this chemise as I will never construct another using that pattern.  Turned out super cute, though, and was very comfortable.

I needed a cold weather day dress as it was in mid November and mostly outside.  I chose a mulberry moire bengaline with a curly lamb's wool trim and used Simplicity 4400 View B.  Lots of hand sewing and pleating in that skirt!  The bonnet is Butterick B4210 in black velvet lined in white silk.  Green moire ribbon from Timely Tresses, and paper flowers by the wonderful Damesalamode on Etsy

We were attending a ball, so I needed a ballgown.  I bought the Past Patterns 1860s ballgown bodice, but had too much trouble trying to get the back and side back pieces together, so I ended up using the Truly Victorian 1860s ballgown bodice with the Past Patterns double sleeve, the Simplicity 5724 for the bertha (altered to fit the neckline of this bodice) and Simplicity 4400 for the skirt.  Black embroidered lace on sleeves and bertha from Marynotmartha on Etsy.



  1. Oh Kat!!! I didn't see this post!! I ADORE your ball gown bodice!! Well the whole dress look utterly and completely fabulous in this color and style!! You rock my friend!!