Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Costume tiaras

I have many titles...The Beguiler, The Ruiner, Tiara Pusher

So in that vein I would like to share my source for all my tiaras.  Seperwar at Ebay.  Hands down the best collection of affordable historically inspired tiaras I've ever come across.

Here is the Gloucester tiara c. 1913 for the Duchess of Gloucester

Here is the tiara available for $33.95 from Seperwar:

Here is the Queen Mary Fringe tiara:

Here is the tiara available from Seperwar for $35.95:

The Prussian tiara given to Princess Victoria Louise in 1913: 

Here is the tiara available from Seperwar for $29.95:

There are a dozen more, so go get yourself some affordable bling.  Even if the only place you have to wear it is in your living room while watching Downton Abbey!

Speaking of Downton Abbey, doesn't that tiara on the Marchioness of Flintshire look familiar?


  1. You so totally rock Kat!!! Oh, by the way, I was able to purchase the start tiara yesterday! From a different ebay seller, but using the same pictures. Wonder if they use the same factory?

  2. Yay, Gina! Yeah, it actually could be the same company selling tiaras under different names to attract all kinds of Buyers. Whatever...we have our star tiara!!