Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some notes on the Mill Farm Riding Habit Pattern

After consulting the sizing chart, I saw I was the size 12, so I bought the size 12/14 pattern.  I noticed when I cut it out that there isn't a choice to cut a 12 or 14.  There's just one set of cutting lines with a 1/2" seam allowance.  I scoured the pattern directions looking to see what seam allowance produced the size 12 measurements.

Finally I wrote to Burnley & Trowbridge to ask.  They wrote back the same day, and said that Sharon just made one size for the 12/14 and that the size 12 would fit "comfortably" and the size 14 "just".  She advised I make a mockup and see what works for me.  Sound advice!

I'm impatient and just want to jump into making the garment, so making a mock up is something I always avoid and always regret having avoided.  So this morning I made a mock up of the jacket, and then realized that without the corset, shirt, and vest on, I really have no idea if it fits.  Looks like I need a mock up of the vest, too.

Before I came to my senses and did a mock up, I admit I'd already cut out the fashion fabric and flatlined it with cotton canvas, but I haven't sewn any of it together yet, so I can still make adjustments to the pieces before I sew them together.  Hey, I'm getting better!  LOL!

*edit*  Well, I cut out the waistcoat, and it seems to be several inches too big.   I had this problem with the Wingeo #410 jacket pattern, too.  All the extra ease from a company producing historic patterns, not costumes, strikes me as odd.


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