Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mill Farm 18th c. riding habit

I'm finally going to Ft. Fred!  Will it be cold or hot?  Who knows!  I decided to make a cotton riding habit.  If it's warm, I won't roast, and if it's chilly, I can throw a cloak over it.

I found a pretty lilac cotton at Jomar, but it's not very hefty, which I think a habit needs, so I was advised to at least interline the front pieces with something mid-heavy weight.  I have a cotton canvas remnant, so it should be enough to do that.  It'll be lined in beige linen.  I spent 4x as much on the lining because I got sucked into having a historically accurate lining fabric.  I'm silly sometimes!

For the pattern, I heard the Mill Farm pattern was pretty good, so I'm going to try that.

I washed and ironed all the fabric, and I've cut almost everything out, so I need to get sewing!

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