Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit

The Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit is currently in a close neighboring state, so my friends and I made plans to go see it.  Of course I needed a new afternoon outfit to do honor to the collection!

I was inspired by the red, black, and white suit ensemble from 1913

The Jacket:
I remembered seeing a cool suit in the Edwardian Modiste that had a cutaway jacket that I liked, so I used that as my pattern.  I cheated, and the sleeves/cuffs were from the Simplicity 2581.  Red cotton, black poly lining, black soutache trim on collars and cuffs.

The Blouse:  I decided I wanted a blouse instead of a vest.  I used the Laughing Moon #104 guimpe blouse pattern with a striped cotton gauze from Fashion Fabrics Club and some cotton crochet lace on the neck and cuffs.  Underneath the blouse is a nightgown from JC Penny.  Perfect cheat for an edwardian sleeveless chemise!

The Skirt:  I had a cool variated stripe in black and white in my Fabric Stash which was perfect.  I used the Butterick 4092 and added some black linen covered buttons.  I made a belt from wide black grosgrain ribbon and an antique buckle I had on hand.

The cuffs are a combo of soutache I sewed down in a pattern I drew out, and a roll of vintage zig-zag soutache I got at a local "opera house" sale.  I also edged the collar in the vintage soutache: