Friday, March 7, 2014

New "new" parasols on the market

Hello everyone!  I had posted a little while ago about buying modern made parasols when you don't want to bring a fragile, beloved antique parasol to your event for whatever reason.  Maybe you're afraid you'll lay it down at a picnic and it'll get stepped on or even lost.  It's happened to the best of us!

I had shared an image of a black lace parasol for which I could no longer find a source, but that's all changed!!  Check it out from Old Mill Mercantile on Ebay:

Here's another I hadn't spotted before.

Comes in red, white, or black and has a natural wood handle for only $9.99!


  1. I saw someone at an antique fair with a stunning black silk Deborah Lewis parasol and am now obsessed with getting one. it is the perfect size for shielding from the Sun while not poking others. Since I can't find one I am wondering about the dimensions of the canopy and would I be searching for a pagoda style to get one similar to hers.

    1. Hi Saclady! Yes her parasols are so pretty. I never saw a Deborah Lewis pagoda shaped parasol! That must have been beautiful! The only ones I ever saw were the classic dome shape. In fact, I think her deep dome shape is one of the things that makes them so special. Most parasol frames look flatter. Anyway, I measured my black silk Deborah Lewis parasol canopy and it's 30" from tip to tip (30" diameter). Good luck!